Gary-Ross Pastrana

Familiar objects are deconstructed beyond recognition in the conceptual works of Gary-Ross Pastrana to the point where they inherit a new form, significance, and function. Pastrana is interested in the consequences of transforming an object’s physicality, observing how its connotations are subsequently changed. Set Fire to Free (2002) explores whether an object can retain its ‘thing-ness’ if it’s broken. Pastrana destroyed a ladder, burning a section of the remains and creating bird from its ashes. For Two Rings (2008), the artist melted two of his mother’s rings and shaped them into a sword-like object to investigate whether that physical transformation would alter the material’s sentimentality or worth. Pastrana concluded that the monetary value wouldn’t be lost, but more significantly, their sentimental value augments as the rings’ properties merge. Pastrana reconfigures reality to reveal an object’s truth.


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