Louie Cordero

The richly-ornamented and often grotesquely-humorous multimedia works of Louie Cordero merge indigenous traditions, Spanish Catholicism, and American pop culture to express a long history of tension. His vibrantly-colored compositions draw from the aesthetics of b-movie horror films, heavy metal music, comics, folklore, and street life, engaging with issues stemming from the artist’s colonial past and Catholic upbringing. At the 2011 Singapore Biennale, Cordero presented a disturbing multimedia installation titled My We, inspired by the then-recent murders of innocent people singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way in bars around the Philippines. The installation showcased a multitude of fiberglass figures stabbed all over their bodies with body parts broken. In the background, a video installation projected Sinatra’s fatal song to create an eerie recreation of the macabre events.


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